Discipline is key

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To create a content-rich website, you need to hone your focus and your self-discipline. I don't have to tell you how incredibly easy it is to waste hours, even days, just surfing around the web from one site to another. You can't let yourself get distracted like that or you won't accomplish anything. Start with setting a limit to surfing for fun so that you limit your searches to sites and resources that are relate very directly to your site's subject.
     Discipline also applies to creating creation.
Successful writers can't afford to wait for inspiration to strike before starting work. Instead, they develop a writing schedule for themselves and they stick with it like it was their Jobs-since it is. As one famous writer said, "I write when i feel like it. and every morning at 9am, I make sure I feel like it." Schedule a time for yourself to sit down at your desk and write.
     And you'll need to develop another schedule for when to add content to your website, and follow that schedule religiously. Make a commitment to yourself and follow through with it.
     And remember if you just simply can't write, or you find yourself making too many excuses not to write content, just hire someone.
     Go to Elance.com and post a project to write 20 articles of 300-600 words each for $5 to $10 each. You'll find someone.

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