Google Adwords Launches The Ad Sense Revolution

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Enter Google Adword. Adwords are those little ads you see on the right hand side of the search results when you do a search at . Advertisers pay to have their ads shown when people search for the keywords pay to have their ads shown when people search for the keywords they want to rarget. So, for example, if somebody is selling synthetic engine oil, they would tell Google to show their ad when somebody searched for "engine oil" or "synthetic engine oil" or other similar keywords. And they chose how much they are willing to pay every time somebody clicks on their ad.

Adwords literally exploded a vendor's ability to sell their products online, and it quickly grew into a huge money maker for Google. Google wanted to find more ways to earn money from these advertisers, and they came up with a brillint idea: Ad Sense.

Google said, 'hey, we're a search engine, we know how to figure out what a web page is all about, so why not figure out what a page is about and show ads related to that page contern?' That's what Ad Sense does. Now, instead of the "synthetic engine oil vendor only having his ad show on the Google search results, he could have his ad show up on websites that were about engine oil or car maintenance or whatever else the advertiser wanted to target. Every time somebody clicks on one of those ads, the webmaster whose site the ad is on gets paid a percentage of the click value, and Google keeps the rest.

This was a huge boon to the small time website publisher. Before Ad Sense they just didn't get enough traffic to sell ad space or for the big networks to let them in. A lot of the webmasters still had day jobs, so they couldn't exactly get into the product creation and selling business, and the didn't have the time or maoney to try their hand at affiliate marketing either. Now with AdSense they could put up a contint site about their chosen subjects and actually get paid to write about it!

It didn't take long for webmasters the world over to catch on. There was no selling, no customer support, no maintenance, no hassle. you didn't even have to select which ads to display because Google figured that out for you!

That's what makes AdSense so wonderful: you can focus on the content of your sites and on getting people to your sites, and let AdSense take care of creating your paycheck for you. It's so easy to do, and it pays well in tiny markets where you coulldn't get paid before, like with small hobby sites. Large publishers with thousands or millions of pages spread across dozens or hundreds of site were made instantly wealthy due the program.

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