What It Takes To Earn Big Bucks With Ad Sense

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The general idea of Google AdSense is very, very simple: drop some code on your web pages and when people and when people click the ads, you make money.

But there are a number of important questions to ask when building sites so that you earn the most money for  your time and effort. The most important of those questions are:

   1. How do I design a site so that will get the most clicks?
   2. What topics are the most valuable and will earn me the most money?
   3. How can i track the results of my efforts to see where I can expand and improve?

Those are the big questions. And there are good answers to those questions! Let's discuss each one, one step at a time:

1. Designing A Site To Get The Most Clicks

Site design is very important in the quest to earn money with AdSense. If you put the wrong kinds of ads up, Or put them in the wrong place on the page, you might get some clicks, but you will earn a lot less than if you know the best way to format your AdSense ads and follow it. I'll give you a general idea of how to do this.
When designing your site, you want to put the ads where they will be seen and clicked the most. This is usually toward the top of the page. The ads should definitely be visible when the page first opens. Don't hide them away on the sides or at the bottom of the page.

Secondly, you should make the ads blend in with the site so that they don't look like ads. This means making the colors of the ads match the colors of your site. People have become "blind" to advertisements since they are so used to seeing them on websites, so you have to get those ads in front of them without them realizing they are ads. Then, instead of outright ignoring the ads, they can look at what the ads are offering and make a conscious decision of whether or not to click. When they do choose to click, you get paid.

2. Selecting The Most Valuable Topics

It's pretty obvious that some advertisements are worth more than others. People spend millions of dollars for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl (and other huge sporting events) because that ad space is so valuable. But they will only pay a fraction of that for their ad to be shown during a regular television show. The same is true with AdWords advertisers.
For advertisers, certain keywords are worth a lot more than others.

Sometimes this might be counter-intuitive. For example, you might think that the keywords "sports cars" would be very valuable because sports cars are very expensive. But among the group of people searching for "sports cars" are a lot of people who just want to see pictures of sports cars, or people who just have an interest in sports cars but aren't looking to buy one.

This means that it's very important that you know what keywords to target before you build content for your web pages. If you're just building a hobby site and AdSense is just there to pay for the web hosting or earn you a few extra dollars a month that might not matter to you.

On the other hand, people searching for "sport car insurance"-ah!-they are looking to buy. I mean, who searches for "sports car insurance" for fun, right? As it turns out the value of clicks for the terms "sports car insurance" is almost seven times as much as the value of clicks for just "sports cars".

But if you're looking to earn real money with AdSense, then you want to build websites that are focused on the keywords that pay you the most money when people click.
You can find out how much keywords are worth by setting up an AdWords account and using the AdWords "Traffic Estimator Tool". Here's what it looks like

Traffic Estimator
                                                    AdWords Traffic Estimator Tool

As you can see, this tool lets you enter some keywords, set the MAX CPC (cost per click), and select the language and the countries you want to see the estimates for. Always use "100,00" as the MAX CPC, because that tells you the highest bids for the keywords, which is what you really want to know. Once you've entered the information, you click "continue". The results for this particular set of information at this particular time are shown below.

                                                   AdWord Traffic Estimator Tool Results

Notice that “sports car insurance” has a value of $12.81 per click, versus only $1.86 for “sports cars”–like I said, “sports car insurance” is worth almost seven times more. So before putting up pages and websites, you
can run the keywords you’re thinking of building content for through this tool and see if your idea of what pays best is correct or not.
But I’m warning you, using this method is like shooting in the dark.
As I mentioned before, what you

. At the time of this writing, it contains a searchable database of almost 2 and a half

interested in those keywords. I mean, if a click is worth $25 dollars but you only get two clicks a month, that’s not nearly as much as a $5 click that gets repeated 100 times a month. Click counts matter!
think should be high paying and what actually is high paying are often very different. The best way to quickly find Getting the Most out of AdSense out what the real high paying keywords are is to get a list of keywords that have already been run through the Traffic Estimator and were found to have a high cost per click (CPC) value. The best list of high paying keywords and their AdWords CPC values right now is available from KeywordExplosion.com million keywords along with their CPC values and the number of clicks they received per day. I put countless hours of work into this list, and I updated it every month. Knowing the number of clicks per day helps you know if people are

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